Planet Java Decaf Smooth Roast Coffee Beans (4x1Kg)

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Product Description

Smooth Roast Decaf Coffee Beans - 4 x 1kg

Our decaf beans are a blend of 100% pure Colombian coffees, decaffeinated and then roasted to produce the very smoothest decaf coffee. Perfect for both home or catering use, it's a coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Each case contains 4 individual 1 kilogram bags of this amazing blend.

Planet Java decaf beans are decaffeinated using the CO2 method, so there are no chemical residues left behind to spoil the flavour. Just great tasting Colombian coffee without the caffeine.

  • 4 x 1kg bags with one-way valves for freshness
  • Exclusive to A1 Coffee
  • Pure Colombian beans
  • Decaffeinated and smooth roasted


Allergen Information - The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.