Planet Java Guatemala Acatenango 100% Arabica Coffee Beans (1kg)

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Planet Java Guatemala Acatenango 100% Arabica Coffee Beans (1kg)

Guatemalan Acatenango coffee is blessed with crisp, clean sugary flavours; golden syrup, honey and sugar cane, with body and balance being the main attributes.


The Cooperativa Acatenango is located in the municipality of Acatenango, Chimaltenango on the slopes of the Acatenango volcano which is the third highest in the Central American range and gives the cooperative their name. It was established in March 1966, by 27 members who wanted to get a better price for their coffee. Their initial efforts were hard due to their gatherings being perceived as guerrilla gatherings, but hey persisted, and now consist of 395 producers, growing around 22,000 quintals annually.

Based on the slopes of the Acatenango volcano, the lower slopes tend to grow Marsellesa, a cross between Villa Sarchi and the Timor Hybrid developed in Nicaragua for rust resistance and cup profile, and Catimor, a cross between Caturra and the Timor Hybrid. The higher slopes grow Caturra, Catuai, and Bourbon. The whole crop is grown at altitudes between 1220 and 1830m.

After picking, coffee is washed and pulped in a ‘semi-dry siphon’ that allows for recirculation of the water and a controlled fermentation, which takes 16-18 hours. Beans are then pre-dried for three days on patios then moved to guardiolas for controlled drying to final levels. This typically comprises of 40 hours at 45 degrees before being lowered to 30 degrees and finally 15 degrees until optimum moisture content is reached. The lowering of temperature ensures evenness of drying, meaning the green life of the coffee is the best it can be.

It is then shipped in parchment to the Fedecocagua facility in Palin, Escuintla for final grading and milling ready for export.

We have then roasted it by hand in our own roastery to ensure that the finished product is as good as it can possibly be. It is then quality checked and then packed by hand in individual resealable bags.
Supplied in a 1kg bag with a one way valve.

  • 1kg bag with one-way valve for freshness
  • Notes of golden syrup, honey and sugar cane
  • Strength (1 to 6) = 4
  • 100% Arabica
  • Beautifully balanced
  • Pure Acatenango beans from Guatemala
  • Hand roasted by us in small batches


Allergen Information - The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.