Puly Verde Coffee Grinder Cleaner Crystals (10 x 15g)

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Product Description

Puly Verde Coffee Grinder Cleaner Sachets (10 x 15g)

Puly Verde Grinder Cleaner removes stale coffee residue and coffee odours from the internal mechanisms of your coffee bean grinder. Simply run the product through the machine just like coffee beans. This can increase the life of your grinder when used regularly and in line with the manufacturers instructions, results in a better crema, improved aroma and a better taste to your coffee.

This Puly Grinder Blade Cleaner is 100% organic and gluten free. It cleans the grinder blades without having to readjust them - it's the only product to do this, saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

Puly is the trusted brand that all caterers and baristas will recognise the world over, so you can buy with confidence.

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  • 10 x 15g sachets
  • For use with all coffee bean grinders
  • Genuine branded product
  • 100% organic and gluten free
  • The only product that cleans without having to readjust the blades