Puly Descaler Liquid (2 x 125ml)

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Product Description

Puly Descaler Espresso Liquid (2 x 125ml)

This handy descaler liquid is supplied in twin packs of 125ml each, making them very cost effective and so easy to use.

It has been designed so you can safely descale domestic and small coffee brewers without damage to the internal workings of your machine. This Puly product is safe for use with all plastics, silicone and aluminium as well as more traditional materials found in larger coffee machines. The pack size is the perfect amount to descale a small machine per dose, so the twin pack can perform two descales. As you would expect from a leading manufacturer like Puly, it has been extensively tested and is commonly regarded as being the best solution currently available.

  • Each twin pack is measured to descale two small coffee machines
  • Easy to use and very cost effective
  • Fast, safe and effective
  • World-leading brand