Routin 1883 Popcorn Syrup - 1 Litre (Glass Bottle)

  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
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Product Description

Routin Popcorn Syrup (1 Litre)

This premium quality popcorn flavouring syrup from Routin can be used in hot or cold milk, coffees and hot chocolate, to make something truly special that will appeal to adults and kids alike.

Contains no food colouring, no artificial preservatives and no antioxidants.

Philibert Routin 1883 gourmet syrups are famous throughout the world for their quality and flavour. Approved by the Vegetarian Society and certified Kosher, these syrups are also gluten and cholesterol free. A great range of accessories are also available including syrup bottle stands.

Average servings per litre are 125 shots when mixed with hot drinks, and 63 for cold drinks (based on an 8oz cup).

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, water, artificial flavours, natural flavour.

For a complete list of allergens, click here.

Nutritional Information:

Energy 304 kcal per 100ml (24kcal per pump measure)

Fat <0,1g

Saturated Fat <0,1g

Carbohydrates 76g

Sugars 59,3+/-1,0g/100g

Protein <0,1g

Salt <0,1g


Milk Advice: Suitable with all dairy products.