Simply Toffee Apple Syrup (1 Litre)

  • Halal
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
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Product Description

Toffee Apple Flavouring Syrup (1 Litre)

This delicious Simply Toffee Apple flavouring syrup is perfect for making speciality hot chocolate and speciality coffee. Great for autumnal drinks, but still enjoyable all year round.

When used with the portion pump (available separately), each bottle contains approximately 125 shots. Made by the Italian Beverage Company, they are presented in 1 litre plastic bottles so you don't need to worry about breakages.

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• No Hydrogenated Fats
• Halal Certified
• Suitable for vegans
• Gluten Free
• Nut free
• No Artificial Colours
• No Artificial Flavouring

Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Natural Flavouring, Salt, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate (E202), Acid: Citric Acid (E330), Colour: Plain Caramel (E150a)

Storage Instructions
Store in dry, cool ambient conditions, away from heat sources and odorous materials

After opening, keep container closed. Keep cap area clean and free from syrup residues. Do not refrigerate – crystals may form in the liquid at low temperature.

Shelf life after opening: 12 months.

This product is suitable for vegans.

Go totally toffee with our Toffee Apple Frappe recipe. It’s sweet, scrumptious and super summery which means there’s never a bad time to try this tasty recipe.

We like to call this recipe our toffee explosion because of how much creamy  sweetness there is! With that said, you can easily tone down the treacly flavour by adding in an espresso shot or two. Perfect for those Autumn nights, a tasty twist to the classic Toffee Apple.

For those of us that can’t have a drink without a sweet snack on the side, this frappe is the perfect accompaniment. Whether it’s a speculoos biscuit, a cinnamon roll or caramel chunks, they all pair so well with this delicious drink.


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