Sweetbird Speculoo Syrup (1 Litre)

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  • Vegetarian
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Product Description

Sweetbird Speculoo Flavouring Syrup

If you are looking to create the perfect flavoured coffee or hot chocolate, then give this gorgeous Sweetbird Speculoo flavour syrup a ago! The perfect accompaniment to coffee, speculoos biscuits are now very popular thanks to brands such as Lotus Biscoff, and Sweetbird have incorporated this distinctive taste into a syrup.

Sweetbird Speculoos syrup is inspired by the Dutch Speculaas biscuits, traditionally baked for St Nicholas' Day, and for Christmas in Germany and Austria. The spiced shortcrust biscuits are thin, very crunchy, caramelised and slightly browned.

This versatile speculoos syrup can also be added to milkshakes, frappes and even used in baking to help flavour sponges and cakes. With no GMOs or artificial colourings, and approved by the vegetarian society and for vegan diets by Viva, this syrup is a real winner.

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Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Flavourings, Colour: plain caramel, Acidity regulator: citric acid.

  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings
  • Sweetbird syrups support British businesses – they are made in Bristol, with British Sugar in bottles from Wales, with labels printed in Bristol. Make the switch to Sweetbird today to support British businesses