Twinings Earl Grey String, Tag, & Envelope (50 Tea bags)

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Product Description

Twinings Earl Grey Tea bags - Box of 50

This great value box of 50 Twinings Earl Grey String, Tag, & Envelope tea bags is one of our best selling products, ideal for home and catering use. Twinings is well known for its quality and distinctively bright flavour, and this gorgeous Earl Grey is undoubtedly one of their very best.

Presented in a box of 50 envelopes, each one containing an Earl Grey tea bag with tag, making them ideal for self-service breakfast areas, in-room trays and more.

  • 50 individually enveloped tea bags
  • Famous brand
  • Made using top quality tea
  • Suitable for catering and home use
  • Other Twinings teas available in stock