Twinings Pure Camomile String Tag & Envelope Tea bags (20)

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Product Description

Twinings Pure Camomile Envelope Tea bags (20)

Just like the centre of these pretty daisy-like flowers, this is a golden infusion which is slightly sweet and floral. A sea of white and yellow flowers dance under a brilliant blue sky. Twinings harvest their camomile during the warm summer months, selecting the pollen heads, as they're the sweetest part. This delicate floral infusion if traditionally used to help you relax, so sink into a deep armchair and let your worries drift away.

Made with all-natural ingredients, nothing more, nothing less. Naturally caffeine free with no added sugar.

How do I drink it?

Using one tea bag per person, pour on boiling water and infuse for two to three minutes. Leave for a little longer if you prefer a stronger taste.