White Chocolate Lime Flavoured Blossom Curls (1kg)

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Product Description

White Chocolate Lime Flavoured Blossom Curls (1kg)

Founded in 1991 Barbara Luijckx was born from a fascination with using chocolate as a raw material. Using technology that wouldn't look out of place in Silicon Valley, they've been producing innovative, high quality and on trend chocolate decor ever since.

Supplied in a large 1kg bag for use by caterers, home bakers and chocolate lovers.

  • Small, elegant lime flavoured and coloured white chocolate curl
  • Great for adding colour and flavour to your dishes
  • Perfect for plated desserts and pastries, sprinkling on chocolate, ice cream or       luxury hot chocolate/strong
  • Resealable tub for easy storage and to maintain freshness between uses


Due to the fragile nature of this product, although we will do our best to ensure this product is sufficiently packaged to endure transit via parcel courier, this product is susceptible to damage. After opening, keep the tub closed and store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and strong odours.