Sweetener Sticks & Sachets

We stock a range of premium sweeteners for use in catering, self-service areas and kitchens. Our selection includes both Canderel Yellow and Canderel Green, which is naturally sweetened using Stevia plant extract. Low prices and fast delivery on all products here at A1 Coffee.

Are You Looking For Sweetener Sticks and Sachets?

If you run a café, diner, B&B or coffee shop, you will already be buying sweetener sachets and sticks along with your sugar, tea and so on. We have a range of Canderel Yellow products that are perfect for all catering uses and are offered here at the lowest price you will find for such a well known brand name. Order yours here along with your tea, coffee and sugar. We also stock Canderel Green which is naturally sweetened with extract from the Stevia plant, making is suitable for vegetarians and diabetics.

Why Should I Use Sweetener?

There is a whole number of reasons why your customers might prefer to use sweetener to sugar, including diet, health issues, or simply personal preference. Either way, it’s now expected that sweetener sticks or sachets will be offered in addition to sugar, so why not get yours at the lowest prices and offer them a brand they will instantly recognise.