Fruit Sauces

Fruit Sauces

Luxury Fruit Sauces

Rich and luxurious, we stock an excellent and varied range of fruit sauces to help you make beautiful desserts, speciality cold drinks and much more. Reusable portion pumps are also available. 

What Can These Sauces Be Used For?

You’ll see from the page above that we have a range of different gourmet sauces available for you to order, from a variety of brands and in various sizes. If you click on each one, you will find detailed information about how each one is best used along with some recipe ideas. However, all of our gourmet chocolate sauces can be used for making mocha coffees (just add a pump to the bottom of your cup before adding the coffee), hot chocolate (try steaming milk and adding it to a few pumps of sauce and stirring it in gently) and also for drizzling over the top of your favourite desserts.

As well as the ever popular standard chocolate sauce, you’ll see that we offer other types including white chocolate sauce and caramel sauce, all of which can be used in the same way.

More recently, we have added a large range of top quality flavoured sauces in fruit flavours as well as old favourites like toffee – perfect for using on top of ice cream, in the creation of cakes and desserts, and of course for making the very best hot drinks imaginable! With our range of delicious sauces and your imagination, anything is possible, so why not pick up a few different flavours and freshen up your drinks and desserts menus - your customers will love you for it.