Loose Tea

Loose Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

We stock a great range of delicious loose leaf teas from Birchall in attractive boxes. We only offer the very best African and Asian tea, perfect for both home and commercial use. No minimum order and fast delivery throughout the UK and Ireland. Make the ultimate cuppa using the very finest Birchall loose leaf tea.

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Where Can I Buy Loose Tea?

You will have to go a long way to beat our range of premium loose tea from Birchall, all sourced from the very finest plantations in East Africa and expertly picked and blended to give you the ultimate cup of tea.

There are a number of varieties available, all presented in handy sized pouches and perfect for use in restaurants, coffee shops, in the home and even as a thoughtful gift or thank you to a loved one. Nothing quite beats a real cup of tea, and nothing comes close to the quality of Birchall loose tea. Pick a few pouches up today and discover what the very best tea tastes like, we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

You'll notice that we have several different varieties of loose tea available, so you aren't restricted to just a single type. This means you can now enjoy your favourite, whether it's camomile, peppermint or just great African black tea, all from a resealable pouch and with the best possible quality.